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Telus Tracking and Dispatch Solutions, powered by Fleet Complete

Track your assets, vehicles and workers in real time, while gathering information from the field and improving operating efficiencies. You can do it all - at a cost-effective price - with Telus Tracking and Dispatch Solutions powered by Fleet Complete. To view a live Demo, click here!

Select the right solution for your business:

AGT 100D

Mike i355

BlackBerry 8830

Telus Asset Tracker

Telus Resource Tracker

Telus Track and Dispatch

Telus Fleet Tracker

  • Monitors location of high-value assets such as trailers, packages and cargo

  • Asset Tag device is small enough to clip on a belt, throw in a glove compartment, or even carry in a pocket

  • Does not need a line-of-sight with the open sky, an can locate indoors using a combination of GPS technology and the Telus wireless network

  • Tracks the real-time location of your mobile workforce, while monitoring stop times and travel distance
  • Improves customer service and scheduling by always knowing the location of your mobile workforce
  • Works with Telus PCS and Mike GPS-enabled devices
  • Builds on the Telus Resource Tracker solution by adding dispatch or task assignment to resource tracking
  • Manages your mobile workers by locating them, sending them work assignments, and monitoring their progress from head office
  • Works with Telus PCS and Mike-enabled BlackBerry devices
  • Tracks the real-time location, speed and direction of travel of your vehicles
  • Captures vehicle information such as status of ignition, battery voltage, door sensor, and power takeoff (PTO) sensor*
  • Includes GPS modem; 2MB and 4MB data plans available


*Additional fees may apply to some sensors.

Key benefits for your business

Telus Tracking and Dispatch solutions give you full visibility into the activities of your mobile workers, assets and vehicles. With real-time information and up-to-date reports, your company can improve asset, resource and vehicle management, reduce costs, and uncover additional revenue-generating opportunities. Better scheduling and improved communications can help you enhance customer service with faster and more accurate response times. The bottom line: Telus Tracking and Dispatch Solutions can help your business run more profitably.

Real-time information

Job performance


Operations efficiency

Wide-ranging applications

Telus Tracking and Dispatch solutions are ideal for any business that employs mobile workers or has in-field mobile assets and vehicles, including:

  Telus Asset Tracker Telus Resource Tracker Telus Track & Dispatch Telus Fleet Tracker
Monthly price* $35* $30 $35** $50* $60*
Network 1x/CDMA 1x/CDMA iDEN 1x/CDMA iDEN 1x/CDMA
Hardware required Asset Tag PCS device Mike device PCS device Mike device In-vehicle modem
Transmission Frequency 4 hours 15 minutes 2 minutes 15 minutes 2 minutes 6 minutes 4 minutes
Hardware fee   (no contract)


No additional hardware needed.

Data rate plan required.


No additional hardware needed.

Data rate plan required.



Hardware fee (1yr.contract)


Hardware fee      (2 yrs. contact)


Hardware fee      (3 yrs. contract)


Installation Cost


N/A N/A Included

*Price does not include the monthly standard access fee of $6.95.

**For the Telus Track and Dispatch solution, data usage included in the price per month is 200 hours logged-on to application/month. Data usage in excess of this amount will result in additional charges under the data rate plan applicable to the device. Alternatively, a data rate plan with additional usage is recommended.

Find Out More! Ask our sales representative for demonstrations on each solution or visit telus.com/gps.